Buy Sell Pressure Indicator


This Buy Sell Pressure Indicator calculates and displays the difference in volume between buy and sell transactions per bar expressed as a percentage. This allows you to quickly assess the degree to which buyers are more aggressive than sellers and vice versa.


Buy Sell Pressure Indicator Chart

The Buy Sell Pressure Indicator tracks the difference in volume between buy and sell transaction per bar. The imbalance is expressed as a percentage. The buy, sell, and imbalance values are accessible via strategy builder or manually coded strategies.

As stated above, the buy/sell imbalance is expressed as a percentage, specifically the percentage by which the larger side is greater than the smaller side — e.g. if the number of buys (market long transactions) is 1200 and the total number of sells (market short transactions) is 1000, an imbalance value of 20 will be show on the indicator panel (1200 is 20% greater than 1000). If the inverse is true and sells outnumber the buys by the same amount, the value would be -20.

The totals of the buy and sell sides are calculated on each tick. The totals of each new tick are added to the last until a new bar is formed. The sums are reset and start from 0 at the beginning of each new bar. This means that at the end of each bar, every single buy and sell transaction that occurred during that bar has been added together and is displayed on the chart.

The Buy Sell Pressure Indicator's imbalance percentage value is accessible via the strategy builder and manually coded strategies. For example, if you wanted to create a strategy that places a long entry order when the number of buy transactions crosses above 0 or is greater than 40%, you could do that using the properties from this indicator. The individual buy and sell totals per bar are accessible via strategies as well. Use the “Plots” menu in the builder to choose the property you want to work with (see image below).

For advanced strategy coders, the names of these properties are:

Buy Sell Pressure Indicator Builder

If you're interested in peeking at the C# NinjaScript code that this indicator is based on, you can download our Buy Sell Volume Ninjascript. This is unassembled NinjaScript, which means you'll have full access to view and modify the code.


Do not change the “Calculate” setting from the default.

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